Take A Chance
Mystery Gun Keychain Gacha

Do you feel blessed by the GODS of RNG? Has your luck ever been extremely low and made you want to quit? we've all been their. so when we created this Gacha with more good loot than bad and even our Common Keychains still look pretty damn good.

well wither your feeling extremely lucky or not take this chance to join in on our very first real life Gacha. lets find out how lucky you really are.

we have a variety of gun keychains ranging in size from 3 inches all the way up to 7 inches, some guns with removable parts like suppressors, magazines and Scopes to others having very Unique designs and colors. theirs even a few special items in their like an RPG, Throwing axe, cannon and much more.

So take a chance with us and wear your new keychain in style.

(all Possible outcomes and Ratings are below with exclusion of a few secret designs)

No time to lose!

Ultra Rare - UR

Super Rare - SR

Rare - R

Uncommon - UC

Common - C

Keychain Gacha

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